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Meet Catherine Smith, your Pricipal Home Designer!

I live to dream and create! Jones No7 Home Staging & Redesign was founded on the belief that inspirational design evolves through the attentive cultivation of a client’s unique needs. My greatest joy is when I can assist a client make their home a true reflection of their personality and lifestyle so their home is a reflection of them, not me. 

Home staging is the exact opposite of home decorating, the purposeful depersonalization of a space so potential buyers can envision THEIR belongings and THEIR family in that home.  When they enter the property they should feel inspired and comforted. 

"Buyers' agents overwhelmingly agreed, as 82% said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. ...Twenty three % of  buyers' agents said staging raised the dollar value offered between 1% and 5%, compared to similar homes on the market that had not been staged."  (National Association of Realtors, April 2021)

What makes me unique as a RE-designer is that if I can't find what I'm looking for in a store to complete a vision for a space, it's possible I can create the element myself, whether through chalk paint, a little reupholstery or some self taught carpentry skills. It is not uncommon for me to upcycle vintage furniture already owned by the homeowner but not being utilized to its full potential.  I always go above and beyond during every phase of the design process, striving to give each of my design projects that Wow factor. I would love the opportunity to meet you, listen to you and create with you! Book a discovery call with me below.  

Home staging is the art of furnishing properties for sale. Great staging makes a house look both luxurious and welcoming, inspiring an emotional connection that wows buyers into bidding fast and high.

Jones No7 Home Staging & Redesign provides home staging, funiture redesign, and home decoration services in the metro Atlanta area. We make properties more beautiful and marketable. We treat every space like a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring and artful design. Your space has a story. Jones No7 Home Staging & Redesign brings that story to life.

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